IPL Handset Instructions


For the most effective use of the IPL hair removal handset, please read the instructions below carefully:

1. Make sure that this device is suitable with your skin and hair by looking at the chart below:

This handset is not suitable for those who have skin disorders, skin disease such as allergic dermatitis, eczema, etc.; have sunburn; have photosensitization; have broken skin, a scab, a wound, or cancer; or have any artificial aesthetic, prosthetic or plastic area on the body. 

It is not suitable for the eye or tattoo areas. 

It is strongly advised that you check for any adverse reaction by conducting a skin test two hours in advance of your first hair removal session. Check a small area of skin on the inside of the upper arm from low to high energy. After two hours, if you feel redness, burns, stabbing, pain or other symptoms, consult your doctor before any further use. 

2. Shave off the hair from the skin surface that you plan to treat and make sure that there are no products on the skin (i.e., lotions or oils).

3. Plug in the power adaptor to an outlet and plug the other end to your device.

4. Press the green button on the back of the device to turn the handset on. You will hear and feel the device vibrate lightly.  

5. Click on the green button to select the suitable intensity level (from 1 being the minimum power level and 5 being the maximum power level). Adjustments between each level can be achieved by clicking on the green power interface button. Please refer to the below chart for suitable intensity levels according to skin color:

For best results, and if your skin does not feel any pain or irritation, we recommend the highest level suitable for your skin tone. 

6. Once the level is set, place the flash window on your skin. The device will not flash unless the window is fully covered. You will be able to tell if the window is correctly on your skin when you see the red indicator light flickering.

7. When ready, click the launch button (middle button) and the handset will emit a flash. There are two modes you can use the device - the press and automatic modes.

Press Mode (Precision Areas such as Underarms, Brazilian and Face)

Each individual press of the launch button will emit a flash. 

Glide Mode (Arms, Torso, Legs and Large Areas)

Press and hold the launch button to make the handset flash every half second it is in contact with your skin, without continuous clicking. Please lift handset after each flash to cool the bulb. To disable, hold down the pulse button until the lights stop blinking.

8. Use the handset 1-2 times a week for the first four weeks to see results. Once you see results, touch up once a week or as needed. 

9. Hold the green button for 3 seconds to turn the handset off. 

If left idle, after five minutes the device will go into a stand-by mode. Click on the pulse light launch button to turn it on ready mode. (Please note that the intensity level will return to 1).

Eye protection is not necessary while using our handset because our handset contains a sensor and will not emit flash unless the entire flash window is pressed against the skin. This feature protects your eyes. Nonetheless, never try and look directly into the light as it flashes.